Sport and human development

Sport and human development

For most people, the though of sports stimulate deep passion for personal fitness and physical development. Undertaking any sporting activities is a perfect recipe for developing dedication, discipline and sincere effort through relentless commitment.

As seen by the recent olympic and similar events, sports has graduated to a new all time level, which means those once looked down on can really start embracing this as a career or lifestyle , whether it be for better or for worst.

What is sport and human development?

The decision to embrace sports can be done at any age, but some there are also common views which suggest that it is  advisable to start most of these at an early age., depending on the nature of the sport

For example, in baseball major league players ages ranges from 21 to 24 years, which means that an interested individual starting at 16 should have already gone through multiple development phases by 20 to exhibit desirable sportsmanship potentials.

Given our discussion so far on this topic, would be fair to say that , there are definite  influence of sport on human development?

The influence of sport on people

Human development in sports has undergone significant transformations, both from a mental and physical perspective. Some of the recent developments in sports can be attributed to technological advancements, which makes it easier for sports personnels to simulate scenarios, fail faster during and improve weak sport more quickly.

That said, there are still significant progress to be made to improve the rate of direct communication, interactive engagement and virtualised capabilities thereby enabling sports to  have greater influence on human development. This, we can show through a series of related factors.

Sport engagement between nations

There is atleast one sporting activity undertaken by people across nations around the globe. Nowadays, It is very natural to see large number of events  held at multiple venues with participation by different calibre of players and audiences alike.

Sports has natural capabilities to stimulate engagement between disparate nations and foster relationships, that would perhaps be far fetched. If we are willing to admit, sport has become one of the best ice-breaker for global connection and shared experiences for political and social benefits.

Sports as a source of income

Party celebrations are often used as a mechanism to initiate campaigns and raise money for worthy case. At the other end of the scale, sports is used by some countries to generate additional sources of income for short and  long term objectives.

Culture and tradition

These two points are indispensable, because they keep their people tied to their roots and for that reason, they generate a great national feeling and pride.


Whether it is individual or collective, sport help many young people to become well grounded through self discipline, dedicated and sincere passion to excel. Sports is an effective enabler for developing the right mindset for any career disciplines including music, writing, military … etc.